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Before making some recommendations I’d like to mention that I don’t have the absolute truth, this is simply a path that resonates with me because my personality is geared towards more practical resources. I usually like to delve into theory after I know the basics.

Now that I made that clear, these are some resources I’d recommend to the young me if I were to start learning this from zero:

If you conciously read and watch those two resources you’ll have a nice grasp of the theory and practice and you’ll be able to apply the knowledge to your own projects or start working for someone else. You won’t be an expert after it, give it a little time and experience :P.

After that, there are several options depending on your own needs:

That’s it, simple and short. Of course that there’s a gazillion of courses, tutorials, projects, open repositories, workshops and other materials in the web, my advice is to just pick something and have the determination to follow through. It’s really easy to drown in a sea of resources nowadays, simplicity is the best way to avoid it.

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